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Internships for Hotel Management Students

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May 8, 2019
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Internships for Hotel Management Students

An internship is a first step toward your professional career.

With Hotel Management course, doing internship has become more important as students are chiefly analyzed on the basis of it.

Most of the Hotel Management College wants their student to spend at least 6 months in an internship. This is usually known as “Industrial training”.

As Hotel Management is all about customer interaction and service, one cannot learn enough from books alone, that’s why most of the Hotel Management Institute want their students to look at top internships for Hotel Management.

Top internships for Hotel Management students

1. Taj Mahal Hotel

Performing internship under the professionals of Taj Mahal Hotel is totally a life changing experience. With Taj Mahal Hotel, students get the opportunity to do internships in all departments. The internship period lasts somewhere between 4 to 6 months.

To apply for an internship, all you need to do is just make a call to HR department and once you receive the confirmation, you can send your internship resume. If you will get shortlisted, then you will be call for internship interview.

Mainly internship is conducted in two batches.

Summer batch: This interview is conducted in the months of January and February. All the posts are filled by the February end while internship will starts by May.

Winter batch: The interview for this batch is conducted in June and July and almost every post for internship is filled by the end of July. The batch begins from November end or from the start of December month.

2. Marriot Hotel

Marriot Hotel is one of the rare hotel that allow their interns to become the face of their hotel, i.e. provide them an opportunity to work at front office.

For performing internship in this hotel, colleges have to get in touch with HR and need to send resume of interested students. Individual students can also call the hotel and can send their resume.

Usually an internship period for this hotel is last for 6 months and is divided into two batches.

Summer batch: This batch starts in the month of June or July.

Winter batch: The winter batch starts either by December end or January start.

3. Leela Hotel

Getting an internship at Leela is like a dream for every Hotel Management students as this can add a lot to their career. An internship at the any of the Leela hotels can last upto 17 to 22 weeks. During this time, you will be get a chance to work in different departments such food and beverages services, front office, housekeeping, kitchen, etc.

Mainly internship at Leela Hotel is conducted in two batches.

Summer batch: The interview is conducted in month of March and the internship starts by June and July.

Winter batch: The interview for this batch is conducted in the month of August and the internship starts by September or October.

4. The Oberoi

Being one of the top hotel chains of India, The Oberoi attracts lots of interns every year.

An internship at the Oberoi is usually of six months, However if need the internship period can also get shortened to 17 weeks or can be extended to nearly a year.

For performing an internship at Oberoi, colleges need to get in touch with Hr department and send the resume of interested students.

The internship is conducted in two batches.

Summer batch: Interviews are conducted in February while the internship starts in May.

Winter batch: Interviews for this batch are conducted in September and the internship starts in November.

Key points to keep in mind

If you are really serious in finding good Internships, then you have to keep this few things in mind.

  • Your grades should be great as should be your attendance. Everything about you should reflect the dedication and hard work.
  • You should have impeccable communication skills with a great command over, both, English and the regional language. Apart from that, you should know how to interact with people and be ready to build on it.
  • You should stay focused and organized, even during the time of crisis and know how to work well under pressure.
  • A thorough research on the company you are applying for, its senior staff and management will help you in making a good impression during the internship interview.

Looking for making a career at Hotel Management sector, then just enroll yourself in No.1Hotel Management Institute in Udaipur i.e. Udaipur Institute of Hotel Management(UIHM).

Note:  Recently 40 students of UIHM have been selected for study and paid internship by “Pathumthani University” of Thailand

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