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Myths And Facts Regarding Hotel And Hospitality Industry

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March 22, 2019
March 25, 2019

Myths And Facts Regarding Hotel And Hospitality Industry

Let’s clear a couple of hotel industry facts.  Plenty of individuals have developed wrong notions regarding hotel and hospitality business.  We want to put together many facts regarding hotel business hospitality industry.

While most of the industries are looking to hire robots and using info technology for optimum work, there are many industries that still believe humanitarian interventions and hospitality industry particularly the hotel industry is the challenger in terms of employing and nurturing human resources.

Before we tend to begin, here are some quick facts regarding the jobs in the hotel industry. Here is an infographic regarding the key statistics about hospitality industry jobs.

The fact is hotel industry is perhaps the most important contributor to these growing employment opportunities as:

  • 337 Million Jobs worldwide in hospitality sector by 2023
  • 1 in 10 employable people would be employed in hospitality and tourism by 2023
  • even when there’s a worldwide slowdown in all industries travel and tourism sector is expected to grow by 4wd per annum

Now let’s move on to myths and bust them one by one by presenting several hotel industry facts.

Myth- “Hospitality industry and Hotel industry are same thing”

Before we discuss specifically myths regarding working in the hotel industry, it’s necessary to clear a basic myth.

Jobs in the hotel industry and jobs in the hospitality industry may be similar however undoubtedly not the same factor. One is the subset of other. Now, this can be the biggest myth prevailing in the industry.

Most of the people that are outside the industry and plenty within the industry believe that hospitality and hotel industry are similar things.

It is a vital a part of the trade however there’s way more to the cordial reception and business than Hotels. We have Cruises, Aviation, Theme parks, different transportation, shopping arcades, Restaurants, Travel giants like Expedia and TripAdvisor, Apartments, Motels, events, learning institutes, e-learning platforms, media and much a lot of.

Myth- “Job options are limited in Hotel and Hospitality industry”

We have mentioned in the hotel industry facts at the beginning regarding the expansion in hotel and hospitality business.

The sky is the limit if there’s willingness for the same. If somebody in the hotel industry feels they’re not growing at the desired pace, they do have many different choices to explore inside the hospitality industry and even outside.

Within hospitality industry

  • Work in the tourism industry. There are plenty of choices as well as numerous multinational companies.
  • Theme park and events are busy throughout season and might be good choice for job seekers who are bored of a routine life in Hotels
  • Casinos are another interesting employer inside hospitality business.

There are limitless other choices additionally to explore within the hospitality industry.

Outside hospitality industry

  • Become a hospitality adviser. If you’re skilled, plenty of management consultancies would have an interest in your potential. Attempt exploring these.
  • Hospitality info technical school- If you’re a tech enthusiast, get some good training or certification and be a part of technology corporations or aggregators who additionally cater to hotels and hospitality industry under their portfolio.
  • Join the education sector or work for professional training platforms.
  • Become an entrepreneur and work towards achieving what you are enthusiastic about.

So, those who believe that the job choices are restricted in hospitality and hotel business should check facts regarding hotel business once more.

Myth- “Getting Hotel jobs is possible only through agencies”

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